amy and jason

I met Amy during a walk around the block one day. Lori, Avery, Henry, and I were walking (we walk a lot!) and noticed two women walking towards us. Lori knew one of them (Kathy) so we all stopped to say hi. You know, mothers and pregnant women can't walk past each other without stopping and talking. And, as everyone knows, I meet no strangers! Especially no pregnant strangers!

Anyway, we all introduced ourselves, while talking all over each other, and found out who's who, whom married whom, what we all do, the ages of our babies, and when Amy is due. The most exciting part is that Amy is new in town and could use a couple of new friends! Yeah! "My new friend, Amy" (I called her that for at least two weeks), is due around August 30th, is married to Jason, and has a huge dog named,Tiger.

I immediately asked Amy if I could photograph her and her cute belly. The rest is history... I found a new friend and an excellent model!


Kim said...


As always your photography is amazing!! I need to get with you soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sara, these pics are BEAUTIFUL, as usual!!!! You are right; amy is an excellent model. I know these pictures will mean a lot to her as soon as her little man arrives.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You are right; she is an excellent model. I know these pics will mean even more to her when her little man arrives.