adeline & family

Adeline and her family are good friends of my family. We've been watching Adeline grow up for the last couple of years - and now she's turning three today! Happy birthday, Addie!

I had a REALLY hard time narrowing down my selection of images to post, so I forgive me for the many images :-)

Sarah, Adeline's momma, brought many, many outfits for us to play with and choose from; in this shot Addie didn't understand why she couldn't wear just her tights and shirt, so we put together this super fun outfit:

So, I think that the Converse shoes might be my favorite accessory!

Such a natural!

I know for a fact that I couldn't get a grown-up to pose this cute and natural with out any directions - yeah, all I did was ask Adeline to sit sideways and put her foot up.

Isn't this pretty? I forgot to mention above that we chose the COLDEST, WINDIEST day 0f 2008. The wind was SO cold - I can't say it enough - it was COLD! My lovely subjects don't look cold, but that's just because they are good!


cooper & addison

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing these adorable kids! You might remember Cooper from this summer, but Addison is a new cutie for me. Addison and Cooper are cousins. We had this session down in the Hartwell Botanical Gardens where the wind whipped and the air was freezing, but the leaves had just fallen, and the light was just gorgeous! Check out a few of my faves below:


Holiday Sessions - Nov. 1

Saturday dawned beautiful and cold.  My first session was with Jon, Regina, Mary Kathryn and Anna Grace, at the Botanical Gardens in Hartwell (I bet a lot of you didn't even know that we had a botanical garden!).  And it was COLD!  But all were good sports and we turned out some excellent images!   

Heather, Steven, Sydney and Blake have been in and out of my life for 7 years!  How the time has flown! Heather and Steven worked next door/in the same building with me for two or three years, back when I had a studio on the square.  Our storefronts were where CVS now stands and each of us now work out of our homes.  

Our session went spectacularly!  Take a look at the images below:

Jennifer and Landon were next!  Landon was in a terrific mood and we had a great time shooting downtown.

And last, but not least, came my session with Jan, Nancy and Jordan. We went casual at the Skelton House....


karen & tj - engagement

Karen and TJ found me hanging out at the Green Bean one day and struck up a conversation about possibly taking some engagement pics for them.  The first time we scheduled a session, we had a ton of rain, so on the second try, we lucked out with some beautiful weather.

Our first location choice was the burned-out building on the railroad tracks in Hartwell, but when we got there, all of the doors/windows had been boarded up.  So, we shot some around the building and then walked through town to find some other cool locations!

Thanks, Karen and TJ, for following me around!  Hope you enjoy the images!