Cooper {one year session}

I had the best time chasing Cooper around the other night! We met at the coffee shop and ended up at Hartwell Elementary School. I lucked out with the weather; it was overcast and warm!

Isn't he cute? I got about one minute of Cooper standing still to snap a few and then he was off!

This one makes me laugh -- Trent wanted Cooper to run to him so he could 'catch' him, but Cooper wasn't having any of that!

Julie, Trent, thanks so much for your cooperation!! I hope you guys had a good time!


Landon {Birthday}

Landon is FIVE!!! So I just have to say that it is absolutely unbelievable that Landon is 5. Landon's mom, Jennifer, called me when she was pregnant to see if I did maternity photos. Before Landon was even born, we had 2 or 3 maternity session with and without Landon's dad, Shannon, and I was at their home a couple days after Landon was born to shoot Landon's newborn images. I would love to post some of those old images, but a lot of it was shot on film, and I don't have them scanned in... However, I've taken pics of Landon everywhere you can think of and for every holiday and birthday.

I find it incredible how fast things change and how the same things stay. Jennifer and I still can't decide where to take pictures, Landon still makes the same silly face when we ask him to smile, and we still buy proofs to put in the albums that we've been ordering for years. Yet, Landon is FIVE; he has conversations with me, and thinks I'm cool when I let him do things that might get him dirty! He's no longer the tiny, squishy baby that I started with; how does this happen so fast? I don't know. I'm sure I'll be wondering the same thing when Landon turns 10 (and Henry turns 5!)

Here are my favorite images from Landon's 5 year session.


Jackson & Family {Christening}

I had the pleasure of photographing Jackson's christening ceremony and reception last Sunday at the First United Methodist Church. I photographed Renee and John's wedding 4 years or so ago and it was so fun to see them and to document this special time for them.

While I was at their new home for the reception, we snuck in a few family portraits!


Kelda, Bryan and Kalleigh {family}

Can you believe that Kalleigh is 2 years old? I've been taking photos of here since she was born, which seems like yesterday, not 2 years ago! We lucked out on a beautiful day; not quite as nice as the last week has been, but still pretty.

Kalleigh's grandmother, Lisa, came prepared with fresh tulips (my favorite!)

Kalleigh wasn't so sure about this request! She wanted down and she certainly didn't want to be in the middle of two kisses! I couldn't help but post the image :-)

This one is my favorite!! Isn't she just the cutest thing?

Kelda, Brian, I hope you like the images!! I have lots more cute ones on the way!


amy {just because}

I met Amy at a photography class I taught at the YMCA last year. We've kept in touch with little get togethers and additional photography classes. I wish Amy would be a bit braver and take photo jobs here and there. She has a really good eye, but doesn't believe me when I tell her!

She asked me to photograph her 'just because'. I was so excited to be able to do that! We met in Hartwell at my father-in-law's 'farm', for some cool shots and then went to Depot street for a few more.

I think this one is my favorite... I still had possession of the 50mm 1.2L lens that this one was taken with!

This one is cool, too, though....

Amy, I had a blast!! I hope you like the images!


laura & erik {wedding}

Remember these two cuties? I posted their engagement session a couple of months ago; you can see it here. I promised in my engagement post that I would tell you about their super cool wedding, so here goes.

When Laura called to talk photography, she told me that she was planning a dinner party for her closet friends and family, with a wedding ceremony thrown in the middle. And that is what she and Erik did!! The wedding/dinner party took place at Anthony's Fine Dining, in Atlanta (Buckhead, for those of you familiar with the city), and the whole evening was wonderful - sweet, intimate and special.

I had such fun with all of the pretty details!

Laura and Erik agreed to meet each other prior to the ceremony, so that we could take advantage of the pretty location for photos.

I was playing with a new lens - I love this pic of Erik!

Aren't Laura's flowers pretty?

I just loved all of the detail - I was shooting with another new lens - I just love it!! (The 16-35mm, 2.8L lens, for those of you that are wondering!)

Laura and Erik welcomed their guests with champagne. I thought this was a cute moment!

I made this moment happen! I thought this table and window was too cute to pass up! As you look at this, imagine all of their guests standing behind me with their own cameras clicking away!

The ceremony was very sweet - this is my favorite...

Laura, Erik and guests watching my slideshow of wedding day images!

Laura found the coolest wedding poppers!