I was a bit bored this evening so when I finished weeding the garden, I decided to take some photos of the pretty flowers I have blooming... I always say I should but rarely do it, so enjoy!

New Clothesline!!

Yah!! I am so excited! Jeremy put a clothesline up for me yesterday -- did the whole thing in one afternoon! I got to hang clothes out today; it was such a perfect day for it, I didn't want to go inside and work after being out there for a few minutes! I wonder how much money and energy I will save without using the dryer for everything...


Mary Michael and Parker

These images of the two of them together proved to be the hardest! Getting MM to do one thing and Parker to not fall over and to smile at the same time; boy its a work-out!

I told Holly and Carolyn that I was going to hang this one on my fridge. Mary Michael was pushing Holly's buttons and doing exactly what she didn't want her to do and Parker was completely oblivious! Perfect!


Parker has to be the most laid back baby I've met in a long time! Give him a grin and you get one right back! I can't believe he's just a couple of days away from being 6 months old! Boy, does the time fly! My little one (that isn't even born yet) will be six months before I know it....

I'm not sure what to call the look above, something like 'hmmm, you want me to pose? Let me see what I can do.'

I love this one! We had him on a white blanket that kept causing trouble, so I suggested ditching it (the blanket) and just laying him on the ground. When we lifted him, he was covered in grass and weeds, but I think the image was worth the wash!

Mary Michael

My shoot with Mary Michael and Parker was last Thursday and on such a beautiful morning. MM was a bit reluctant to do what her mother wanted her to do, but I managed to get a few that I think are good!

This one is my all-time favorite(above)... Mom was nowhere around and sometimes I think I get better cooperation!


Too Sweet

This is Lila (such a lovely name!). She was sleeping when Mom got there and it took a while for her to warm up. But I like the 'blank stare' look! I can't decide which are my favorite -- all are too cute!

playing peek-a-boo might be my favorite!

Lila and Eli

I don't know why, but I am so happy with how these following images turned out. This is 4 generations of the woman is this family. Going to the shoot I realized how special it is that Lila's great-grandmother is still living and that she will have the privilege of remembering (at least with a photograph) her great-grandmother...
The easiness of everyone was just delightful. It is not often that I tell a group of (usually self-conscious) people to sit down and just be natural together, and that they do it so well. The grace of Lila's great-grandmother is so obvious in some of the photos that I just want to hang one on my wall. I hope everyone else is as pleased...

Dowell Kids

I can't believe it's been almost a week since this fun shoot in the front yard of the First Baptist Church, Hartwell.

Lindsey, Colby and Brady were lots of fun, although one of the twins (and I'm sorry to say I'm not sure which!) didn't have as much fun as the the other two.

My favorite images are below!


Sara Milner

Technically I took pics of Sara before the Spring Special, but I forgot about blogging them... Every time I see Sara she gets cuter!

Spring Special Images

I have wanted to blog my spring special for the last couple of days, but things have just gotten in the way... Anyway, below are a few of my favorite images from the few sessions I had. Enjoy!
Dillon Hampe -- this one is the only 'real' smile I got all day!
Katie Hampe -- such a good model!

Payne and Tucker O. didn't really want to have pics taken....
I just think this one is so sweet - can't even say why!
I just want to say awwww....
Landon wasn't in the mood either -- I think these are the best!