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I know it's been awhile since you've gotten to see Henry and I thought this photo was appropriate!!


Elsa {newborn}

Meet Elsa. Her mom is the owner of Gardenia Floral and a good friend of mine. Elsa's dad went to college with Jeremy and they've kept up with each other over the years. Elsa was born during the weird snow storm that we had the first of March.

Becky is such a sweet mom. The whole time I was there, she kissed and cooed and patted sweet little Elsa. Exactly what I would have been doing; Elsa was super cute and ate up all the attention! Because Elsa wasn't a week old, she didn't like all of my 'newborn' poses; she wanted to be a big girl and sit up. She also did a lot nursing, letting me get a some special shots.

Take a look:

This is just the sweetest thing ever - something you'll never forget

This one might be my favorite :-)
Elsa wasn't too keen on having her arms wrapped up - she just wriggled until she got them free!

This onsie rocks! I'm mean how cute is 'Peas Out'?
My mom laughed so hard when she saw this one...
Another good onsie!
Look at those eyes!

And the family - could Elsa be any cooler?


SWP Tote Bags!

****Updated, March 27, 2009****

I forgot to add that I accept MasterCard, Visa and personal checks, and will be happy to ship a set of bags your way! $5 shipping fee. Just email and let me know!!


I am so excited to post about these bags - I've been working on making them happen for months now! Caroline and I put our heads together and created this super cute design and ordered them from my friends at Image Marketing. The bags are here!!

I have a couple things I plan to do with them. One: every client that purchases a DVD or prints through us (not Pictage) will receive a bag for FREE! Two: I'm selling them in sets of 5 - $12 per set. And for the fun: If I see you out and about using one of our bags, I will give you $25 print credit for your next session!!!

Have you ever used this kind of bag for grocery shopping? They are wonderful! You can get 2-3 times the amount of groceries in one of these bags then what you'd get in a plastic bag from the store. I love that using them cuts down on the amount of plastic that goes into the landfills and that I don't have a million bags floating around the house waiting to be recycled. And it's less trips into the house with bags.

When choosing the type of bag I wanted to buy, I made sure that I picked one that had a plastic bottom to keep the bag open and standing. I've used both kinds of bags - with and without plastic bottoms - and the bags with a bottom are much more convenient to use.

In the rain this afternoon, I went grocery shopping with Henry. I had to use the new bags, you know (and I was out of food!). When we got home I took some photos in the rain - I just couldn't wait! Take a look!

The bag is natural with a purple design.

A little fisheye fun!

Notice the plastic bottom holding the bag up and open :-)

I thought it would be fun to show how much I could get in 4 bags. This is everything I bought when I went to the store.

Oh, and I thought I would throw this photo in - I found these at Wal-Mart. Aren't they cool?


Laila {newborn}

Leigha and Josh welcomed Laila into the world just a week ago. You'll remember them from their maternity session. They let me come over the other day and take photos for a few hours (which was so fun!) and I was able to capture some ADORABLE images.

Prepare yourself for sweetness...

Available Wedding Dates

Hi All!!

Thought I'd post about a few wedding days that I have available for this summer/fall. Contact me for more info.

June 20
June 27
July 2009
August 2009
September 2009


Jamie {fun for me}

A few weeks ago, Jamie and Griffin got to go to a ball. As the days leading up to the ball came and went, Jamie and I talked about what she should wear and how she should do her hair. I got to loan her my new 'little black dress' AND I got to do her hair and make-up. I LOVE to do hair and make-up; I'd do it for a side job if I had the time!

Anyway, I made Jamie let me take a few snap shots before she left. I wish I could have been with both her and Griffin for a couple shot, but Griffin was in Athens...

Easter Sessions!!

Anyone interested in an Easter session? I'm offering mini-sessions on March 28, 2009. I have a secret outdoor location to shoot at that I'm really excited about using. All sessions offered on the 28th will be in Hartwell. Details below:

Easter Session Special

1-hour Session
1-3 kids (or a family of 4)
Online gallery of 25 images
$50 print credit


Curious about Print Credit and what it is? Print Credit is a gift certificate worth $50 that you can spend online at Pictage.com (where your images will be hosted). Pictage runs a super cool buy 1 get 1 promo, so you can really get a nice selection of images with $50.


Sophie {six months}

Check out this cutie patootie! I had a super time finding cool and colorful places to take all of these fun shots of Sophie. At the end of Sophie's session, we added a few shots of her siblings.


Avery {nine months}

Yesterday Henry and I got to play with our friends, Lori and Avery! Avery is almost 9 months old so we had a little session to document it. I really like what we ended up with! Take a peek :-)

Avery just learned to crawl, so I got a lot of him right before he took off!!

Avery's eyelashes are incredible - I had a hard time picking images that didn't showcase them!

Does everyone know how much I love eyelashes?