Jennifer & Chris Video

Caroline put together this fun video of Jennifer & Chris's wedding, from a few weeks ago. We have finally gotten around to putting it up on the blog! Sorry that the quality isn't quite tops, Blogger really downsizes videos...



jeremy, my friend

So Jeremy asked me if I would take some pics for him; he'd not had any taken in years and in return he'd take some pictures of me and Henry.  Jeremy and I went to photography school together and have shot many, many weddings together.  He's quite the photographer, although, he doesn't shoot much right now.

Henry got a mosquito bite on the bridge of his nose, and the stupid thing is swollen and huge, so Jeremy didn't take any pics of me and Henry, but no worries, I'll make him do it when the mosquito bite goes away!

I think this one is my favorite -- first shot of the day!



Awesome shoot.... 

brother Justin jumped in for a few
Aunt Lisa loaned us her show Camaro for some cool shots - Thanks, Lisa!

I made Christopher carry this chair from the coffee shop across the street for some of my favorites


SWP Holiday '08 Photo Sessions

Holiday '08 Photo Sessions
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Below are some holiday card samples.  Click this link to see more card options.


Sally & Clint - The Scoop

Saturday, Casey, Logan, Erin and I shot Sally & Clint's wedding!  The day went super smooth and we shot some fantastic images -- stay tuned for those!

In the meantime, check this out:

Henry spent most of the day hanging out with Jeremy, but towards of the end of the night, he just wanted Mommy, so he hitched a ride and hung out while I shot the end of Sally & Clint's reception!  Before long, he fell asleep and stayed asleep until I got home!


griffin, dakota & piper - sneak peek

Again, I'm supposed to be waiting until Caroline uses these images for Holiday Cards, but I wanted Laura to see some, so I had to post!  When we shot these, we were having a time of it, getting Piper to 'pose' with her sibs, so I couldn't just pick one of all three of them to post, so I picked one of each of them.  

Laura, thanks for your help!  I am so glad to hear the kids enjoyed it :-)  I certainly did!  Hope you like the images!



sneak peak - bryce & tate

I'm so excited about the two sessions I had yesterday!  I'm supposed to be waiting on Caroline to design some Holiday Cards before posting the images from yesterday, but I just love them so, I thought I would put up just one to whet the appetite!

Brie, thanks so much for going to the trouble to make this session happen!  Hope you love the final images!


jen and chris - october 4, 2008

Jen and Chris hired me to photograph their wedding almost a year ago!  Together, we've been working on the day-of details for a long time.  After shooting their engagement pictures, I knew the actual wedding would be terrific!  To see their engagement session pics, click here.

The day of the wedding was just GORGEOUS!  The sky was blue, the sun was warm and the breeze, cool.  Casey, Caroline and I arrived early to check out the very cool grounds of The Higdon House Inn.  

Overall, I think the day went fabulous!  Take a look at my favorites below:

Hairspray is an essential part of every wedding...

One of my favorites!

I think this one is my favorite!

Casey was very excited about this pose -- I think it turned out great!

Thanks, Jen, Chris, for a wonderful day!  Stay tuned for the slideshow!