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I know it's been awhile since you've gotten to see Henry and I thought this photo was appropriate!!


Elsa {newborn}

Meet Elsa. Her mom is the owner of Gardenia Floral and a good friend of mine. Elsa's dad went to college with Jeremy and they've kept up with each other over the years. Elsa was born during the weird snow storm that we had the first of March.

Becky is such a sweet mom. The whole time I was there, she kissed and cooed and patted sweet little Elsa. Exactly what I would have been doing; Elsa was super cute and ate up all the attention! Because Elsa wasn't a week old, she didn't like all of my 'newborn' poses; she wanted to be a big girl and sit up. She also did a lot nursing, letting me get a some special shots.

Take a look:

This is just the sweetest thing ever - something you'll never forget

This one might be my favorite :-)
Elsa wasn't too keen on having her arms wrapped up - she just wriggled until she got them free!

This onsie rocks! I'm mean how cute is 'Peas Out'?
My mom laughed so hard when she saw this one...
Another good onsie!
Look at those eyes!

And the family - could Elsa be any cooler?