laura & erik -- engagement session

Sunday I had a very entertaining session with Laura and Erik!  We (Mom, Henry and I) went to their house in Atlanta where we used their yard for our engagement session background.  Laura and Erik are getting married on January 31, 2009 in a very cool, very small way; I'll tell you more about it when I post the wedding pics.

For now, here are some of my favorites:

When I suggested this pose, Laura and Erik immediately said that their friends wouldn't recognize them without their normal smiles -- they do a lot of smiling as you'll see in the rest of the images!  But, I still liked it....

This is one of my very favorites -- I love how comfortable they look together!
So, I hope Erik forgives me for posting this image -- I just couldn't help it -- I love his smile!  Can you see what I mean about the fun I had?

Laura, Erik, thanks for a fun session!!  I hope you enjoy the pics!



I had a short, fun holiday session with Flannery on Saturday.  Our plan was to shoot outside, but it was pretty cold, so we opted to use the Green Bean for our shoot.  I think the images are just adorable!!  Take a look:

For just a minute, we went outside to my new favorite door step!


Carissa & Daniel

Aren't these two cute?  Carissa and Daniel got married last Saturday, in Hartwell at the Real Life Church.  On the COLDEST DAY OF THE YEAR!  I don't know why I keep getting gigs on very cold days, but that seems to be the trend!  

Regardless, Carissa and Daniel were very good sports about freezing their buns off outside in the very pretty light!

Isn't this one pretty?  

I love how you'd never know where this was shot!  Isn't it sweet?