Kelda, Bryan and Kalleigh {family}

Can you believe that Kalleigh is 2 years old? I've been taking photos of here since she was born, which seems like yesterday, not 2 years ago! We lucked out on a beautiful day; not quite as nice as the last week has been, but still pretty.

Kalleigh's grandmother, Lisa, came prepared with fresh tulips (my favorite!)

Kalleigh wasn't so sure about this request! She wanted down and she certainly didn't want to be in the middle of two kisses! I couldn't help but post the image :-)

This one is my favorite!! Isn't she just the cutest thing?

Kelda, Brian, I hope you like the images!! I have lots more cute ones on the way!


Bryan - Kelda said...

Love them so far. We can not wait to see the rest of them.

Jaiden Leif said...

Oh my goodness! She is the cutest little girl on the planet!